Carry your online privacy and security in this small kit

If you are a frequent traveler, you connect your devices to various networks. Some are safe, some may not be, or in worst cases some networks are honeypots to grab your personal data. There are various reasons not to connect to public Wi-Fi networks.

Lets accept that fact that we still need connectivity and cant go away with it. Privacy and security then becomes low priority in this case – That’s the point we become susceptible for attacks.

Here is a better way to be safe and private while connecting to any network. “Privacy On Top” is privacy & security centric pocket/travel Wi-Fi router. Everything you need to stay secure your network is bundled into this tiny box.

Nexx-WT3020H with Privacy On Top

“Privacy On Top” provides privacy using TOR network. This box provides Wi-Fi network that routes your network traffic via TOR network. Every secure/non-secure network connections made by all your devices and apps gets encrypted as it leaves from this box, making it entirely private.

You hotel network, or cafe or friends ISP cannot snoop in your data and monitor what you do over the network. All your business and personal communication remains encrypted as it goes out.

Setup is easy. This router comes pre-installed with TOR software and provides Wi-Fi network. Connect incoming network cable to this router & provide USB power. You then need to connect your laptop, tablet or phone to this Wi-Fi and there you go.

Using TOR is perfectly legal as far as you use it for right reasons. Here are various reasons people use TOR for.

Where can I order get it ? or Amazon UK

What more does Privacy On Top Provides

  1. Online security using OpenDNS & DNSCrypt.
  2. Hardened Router with firewall rules and well protected admin console
  3. Highest level of security standard on Wi-Fi protocol
  4. Customizable OS on router to do more

Is it similar to Anonabox or InvizBox?
Yes and No. We offer much more functionality as compared to these competitor products. Please see list of features above.

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Why Privacy On Top ? Because you have been exposed enough

out site The technology has become so advanced that every interaction that you make with it can be traced. Take search engines or ISPs as an example. They probably are aware of your current location, all the sites you visited, all the purchases you made and so on. The irony is, you- rather most of the users- are exposing these information themselves, without even knowing it. This exposed information collected over the time gets mapped with your identity. With technology advancements your online behavior can easily be understood with all available data about you. And, that can affect you in many ways.

Having your location, ISP details, or your device information exposed makes you vulnerable for phishing against identity, targeted ads, Identity theft,  or social engineering. Moreover, this information is even available for sale. Anyone can buy it and you never know about it. In short, your person and professional identity is at stake.

The widely known, proven and legal mechanism to protect your online privacy is the use of Tor network. The Tor network is a group of world-wide volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. All your internet traffic gets encrypted and bounced across many tor servers before reaching to destination; making you untraceable. You can read more about Tor project here.

Privacy On Top is the product which facilitates connectivity to Tor Network. It is the replacement software for Wi-Fi router which enables router to connect to tor network. It exposes additional Wi-Fi (SSID) which helps you to connect any device to Tor Network and provide privacy.

Privacy On Top is currently supported on set of widely available routers. One can easily upgrade their router to Privacy On Top software using an android app that takes care of the installation process.

In addition to online privacy, this product gives you online security too. It has integrated OpenDNS and DNSScrypt that secure you from phishing by blocking bad websites. The OpenDNS also makes your internet faster and smarter.

Privacy On Top is built on open source linux operating system called OpenWrt which is secure and highly customizable. Learn more about the OpenWRT advantages here

readme To get Privacy On Top or know more about it, click here.

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Why to improve your online privacy and how?


“I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time”  – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal 8-14-10.


click here “We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about;” – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt 10-1-10 per the Atlantic.

Privacy problems with today’s internet: 

  1. Your ISP knows everything about your online activity
  2. Websites knows you physical location and have data about you. Can trace how often you visit and more
  3. You are constantly watched and your data is been recorded

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded”   – Edward Snowden

Online Security Problem:

  1. You could land up in phishing website that looks exactly like your bank website or facebook or the one you frequently visit and end-up giving your credentials
  2. Identity theft is a serious issue and anyone who doesn’t take precaution is putting themselves at risk of becoming the next victim.

“I always tell people that if you haven’t had your identity stolen already, you will,’ ‘There are just so many outlets and so many ways it can happen.” – Mike Sullivan, director of education for Take Charge America

Multi Device Problems:

“Average number of devices per person is 2.5 in developed countries” – statista

  1. No centralized way to get online privacy or security
  2. Each device needs to have some kind of app/installation if we wish to stay secure
  3. Management cost of protecting all devices is high
  4. There are devices which connect to Internet, however there is no control over installing any security software. e.g. TV, XBOX, Apple TV, Chromecast and other boxed devices.

Solution: Privacy On Top

Solution: Privacy On Top

Privacy on top is the feature rich firmware/software for your Wi-Fi router which offers online privacy and security to connected devices.

It exposes two separate Wi-Fi from the router, one Wi-Fi for online security and other for online privacy/anonymity.

Privacy On Top is built using open source OpenWRT operating system that runs on Wi-Fi router. OpenWRT turns your ordinary router to smart router by providing customizable functionality.

Privacy On Top uses TOR Network for privacy. TOR protects you by bouncing your network traffic around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Visit TorProject for more details on how Tor protects you online.

celine bags Privacy on Top also gives you advantage of OpenDNS and DNScrypt. Which in simple words means online security. OpenDNS helps prevent identity theft, blocks phishing sites and bad websites. It speeds up your existing internet connection. You can visit OpenDNS for more information about how you can get online security with it.

“Anonymity is valuable for all the reasons. It protects privacy, it empowers individuals, and it’s fundamental to liberty” Bruce Schneier, Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

“Securing the device is not enough anymore, you need to secure network. Centralized network security solution to protect all home/office devices is future” – Mangesh Bhamre CTO, Open Netware

Why Privacy on Top?


What you do over Internet can be easily tracked by interested parties like your ISP, government, websites you visit, hackers etc. Your online privacy is at stake. Your physical location can be exposed and your browsing patterns can be learnt as you use Internet.


You are not safe online. Many times, you come across phishing sites or unnecessary ads bothers your security. Who knows, your ISP or hacker may be sitting in between you and your sites and reading the data you send over internet.


Your existing firmware offers only limited set of features which are developed by your router’s manufacturer. Also existing firmware is vulnerable to common attacks. Your router is way too smart device than you think it is. The only thing lacking in that device is smart operating system. Using new firmware you can your router with full throttle.

out site How to get Privacy On Top ?

Open Netware has built an android app that can be downloaded here. App guides you to detect, install and setup your Wi-Fi router with new firmware.

Privacy On Top App does following  steps –

  1. Pre-Install check to see if you are connected to Wi-Fi and that required disk space exist to download firmware
  2. Detects router based on MAC address and Web Interface
  3. Downloads appropriate firmware and installs it using web interface on Wi-Fi router
  4. Reboots the router and setup up new SSIDs with new password
  5. Connects you to newly configured Wi-Fi


“Privacy On Top is unique solution to your privacy and security at home/office/travel. All your data gets encrypted as it leaves from your Wi-Fi router ensuring no one can snoop it”

What is TOR and Why we use TOR Network to get privacy?

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.  Read more here.

Reference –

TOR is trusted name in anonymity and privacy. Your data gets encrypted between Wi-Fi router and TOR-exit nodes and thus all kind of network traffic is been protected from ISP and intermediate gateways.

Using TOR does not log any info similar to other privacy techniques e.g VPN and thus TOR is our preferred way of providing privacy.

Who use TOR?

  1. Family & Friends – People like you and your family use Tor to protect themselves, their children, and their dignity while using the Internet.
  2. Businesses – Businesses use Tor to research competition, keep business strategies confidential, and facilitate internal accountability.
  3. Activist – Activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses from danger zones. Whistleblowers use Tor to safely report
  4. Media – Journalists and the media use Tor to protect their research and sources online.
  5. Military and law enforcements – Militaries and law enforcement use Tor to protect their communications, investigations, and intelligence gathering online.

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What is OpenDNS / DNSCrypt & Why we use it ?

OpenDNS is company that provides secure DNS (Domain name system) service. In simple terms, they categorize websites as good and bad. If you are trying to visit a website that is bad then OpenDNS blocks you from visiting that site.


  1. It provides protection against phishing thereby blocking you from visiting fraudulent bank websites .
  2. In addition OpenDNS makes browsing faster and smarter.
  3. OpenDNS and DNSCrypt is free.  You can get more features of OpenDNS if you upgrade for premium account.


What is OpenWRT  & Why we use it?

Privacy On Top firmware is built using open source Linux operating system called OpenWRT. It is secured and community of people help is to make it secure everyday.

We have further secured Wi-Fi router by taking care of all common attacks known to newly purchased router.

  1. Wi-Fi passwords are long and complex.
  2. Password for admin is auto-generated when you setup the router and is unique and long enough for any sorts of login attacks.
  3. Wi-Fi security is set to highest encryption standard i.e. WPA2-AES


Software Stack on Wi-Fi Router:

Privacy On Top Website:

Android App Download Link:

“Privacy On Top is Centralized way of protecting all your network devices at home”


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Root your Wi-Fi router to get Privacy – for all connected devices!

Rooting Android phone using Cyanogenmod (or similar mods) gives your phone pure android experience without any blotted apps. You get features that are not available on default firmware to make it feature rich. It’s built on open source and you can rely on it.

buy it What if you could root Wi-Fi router to get new feature set ?  E.g. TOR based privacy via Wi-Fi  or Online Security or get Secured and customizable OS on router – Sounds interesting ?

Wi-Fi routers in market are re-programmable. You could install new firmware on it to make it enterprise grade router.

How to root your Wi-Fi router ?
  • If you are a super geek, you could install OpenWRT and configure it as you want.
  • OpenWRT is Open Source Linux distribution for Wi-Fi router. Its free for anyone to download and use
  • OpenWRT is customizable and there are packages available that you could download and install on top of it to provide TOR Privacy, Security or more.

What’s the catch with it?

Problem is that it’s NOT easy for geeks to do it right. Your router could be bricked and that you could spend endless time fiddling with it. Surely it’s doable and not impossible task. Please do it at your own risk – my DISCLAIMER.

What’s the alternative ?

celine bags Open Netware a startup, has came up with revolutionary android app
“Privacy On Top” that can install new firmware on router over air.

How does it work?

canada goose Just install an Android App – “Privacy On Top” and that will guide you through 6 simple install steps. You don’t need to touch your Wi-Fi router and everything happens over air. Interesting?

readme Is my router supported ?

Privacy On Top  currently supports set of 7 widely used routers. TPLink, DLink and Western Digital. Exact list could be found here.

What do I get with Privacy On Top firmware?

  1. A dedicated Wi-Fi for privacy using TOR Network.  All your devices get connected to TOR Network. Everything coming out of router will be encrypted and cannot be snooped by ISP
  2. A dedicated Wi-Fi for Online Security using OpenDNS and DNSCrypt. It secures you from phishing and bad websites by blocking the traffic. Read about OpenDNS here.
  3. Secured and customized ready to use OS that protects you against all known attacks on Wi-Fi routers.

Download App or have more Questions ?