Carry your online privacy and security in this small kit

If you are a frequent traveler, you connect your devices to various networks. Some are safe, some may not be, or in worst cases some networks are honeypots to grab your personal data. There are various reasons not to connect to public Wi-Fi networks.

Lets accept that fact that we still need connectivity and cant go away with it. Privacy and security then becomes low priority in this case – That’s the point we become susceptible for attacks.

Here is a better way to be safe and private while connecting to any network. “Privacy On Top” is privacy & security centric pocket/travel Wi-Fi router. Everything you need to stay secure your network is bundled into this tiny box.

Nexx-WT3020H with Privacy On Top

“Privacy On Top” provides privacy using TOR network. This box provides Wi-Fi network that routes your network traffic via TOR network. Every secure/non-secure network connections made by all your devices and apps gets encrypted as it leaves from this box, making it entirely private.

You hotel network, or cafe or friends ISP cannot snoop in your data and monitor what you do over the network. All your business and personal communication remains encrypted as it goes out.

Setup is easy. This router comes pre-installed with TOR software and provides Wi-Fi network. Connect incoming network cable to this router & provide USB power. You then need to connect your laptop, tablet or phone to this Wi-Fi and there you go.

Using TOR is perfectly legal as far as you use it for right reasons. Here are various reasons people use TOR for.

Where can I order get it ? or Amazon UK

What more does Privacy On Top Provides

  1. Online security using OpenDNS & DNSCrypt.
  2. Hardened Router with firewall rules and well protected admin console
  3. Highest level of security standard on Wi-Fi protocol
  4. Customizable OS on router to do more

Is it similar to Anonabox or InvizBox?
Yes and No. We offer much more functionality as compared to these competitor products. Please see list of features above.

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