Why Privacy On Top ? Because you have been exposed enough

out site The technology has become so advanced that every interaction that you make with it can be traced. Take search engines or ISPs as an example. They probably are aware of your current location, all the sites you visited, all the purchases you made and so on. The irony is, you- rather most of the users- are exposing these information themselves, without even knowing it. This exposed information collected over the time gets mapped with your identity. With technology advancements your online behavior can easily be understood with all available data about you. And, that can affect you in many ways.

Having your location, ISP details, or your device information exposed makes you vulnerable for phishing against identity, targeted ads, Identity theft,  or social engineering. Moreover, this information is even available for sale. Anyone can buy it and you never know about it. In short, your person and professional identity is at stake.

The widely known, proven and legal mechanism to protect your online privacy is the use of Tor network. The Tor network is a group of world-wide volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. All your internet traffic gets encrypted and bounced across many tor servers before reaching to destination; making you untraceable. You can read more about Tor project here.

Privacy On Top is the product which facilitates connectivity to Tor Network. It is the replacement software for Wi-Fi router which enables router to connect to tor network. It exposes additional Wi-Fi (SSID) which helps you to connect any device to Tor Network and provide privacy.

Privacy On Top is currently supported on set of widely available routers. One can easily upgrade their router to Privacy On Top software using an android app that takes care of the installation process.

In addition to online privacy, this product gives you online security too. It has integrated OpenDNS and DNSScrypt that secure you from phishing by blocking bad websites. The OpenDNS also makes your internet faster and smarter.

Privacy On Top is built on open source linux operating system called OpenWrt which is secure and highly customizable. Learn more about the OpenWRT advantages here

readme To get Privacy On Top or know more about it, click here.

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